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Third generation farmer Jeremy West and his wife Dale provide our lamb throughout the year from their mixed livestock and arable farm in the Southdown National Park. We’ve known and worked with Jeremy for many years, and are great admirers of his skillful self-sufficiency and dedication to the stewardship and management of this precious environment. We also think his lamb is fantastic, of course!

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Jeremy rotates his 800 acres of land between downland grazing and growing forage crops for the lambs to eat when the grass is less plentiful, and then spring barley or wheat. By combining traditional farming methods with modern knowledge and techniques, his land is managed and fertilised as naturally as possible. All of his lambs – Beltex and Texel-Charolais breeds – are born, raised and finished on the farm and throughout their lives, they eat an entirely natural diet, without the inclusion of any artificial feed.


Jeremy’s animals travel less than 20 minutes to slaughter at a small, family-run abattoir. Jeremy hand selects for us his slightly smaller lambs which offer tender meat and break down into a versatile size of joints and cuts – and by buying whole carcases at a fair price we’re able to help support his farming practices. The flavour of lamb naturally varies a little throughout the year, but we find the eating quality of Jeremy and Dale’s lamb is always excellent. At certain times of year we also offer hogget and mutton reared in the same way on the same farm.

Farm to butcher - 15 miles

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